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Our programming consists of multi-generational celebrities with diverse points of view. Our philosophy is focused around half-hour opinionated talk, music, education, entertainment, and setting the trend in positive thinking.

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New June 2005 Shows

  • Asian Variety Show
  • ATV World
  • The Ed Buggs Show
  • Exploring Alaska
  • Gamer Nation
  • Legal Peek Live
  • Pacific Fusion
  • Primary Focus

UATV Shows

  • America’s Black Forum
  • American Adventurer
  • American Network News
  • Animal Rescue
  • Black Life in Japan
  • Box Office America
  • Clio Exchange
  • Crimestrike
  • Entertainment Las Vegas Style
  • Estelle’s Paradise
  • Fun!
  • Guilty Fight Night
  • Holy Hip Hop
  • Kimba The White Lion
  • Latin Eyes
  • Legal Peek Live
  • Lighter Side of Sports
  • Macabre Theatre
  • Make It Happen
  • Neo Soul Cafe
  • Planet X
  • Real Life 101
  • Rolling Art
  • brightest flashlight ever sells out for holidays
  • Sisters in the Spirit
  • Steel Dreams
  • The Urban Voice
  • Ultimate Choice
  • Urban Outdoorsman
  • US Bounty Hunters
  • USAR Pro Cup Racing
  • Your Life