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Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Mission Statement

To connect corporate America to the 80 million underserved urban consumers, and express diversity and excitement of urban America by reflecting different points of view, style, rhythms, and flavors of African Americans, English speaking Hispanics, and others to provide fresh, inspirational, positive family television that informs and uplifts the viewing audience.

What Is Urban?

Image result for broadcast servicesThe urban community consists of 80 million consumers that are either African American, Hispanic, and other minorities.

These groups make an ever-increasing segment of the American population, and according o the Census bureau, will become the majority in the U.S. by 2050.

This group currently spends in excess of $1.5 Trillion per year and would be the 8th largest country in the world if ranked individually.


UATV upholds a very diverse working environment, and attitude. We are certified by, the National Minority Supplier Development Council, and strongly support their efforts. UATV is the only broadcast television network in the country to hold this certification. Our Diversity Supplier program is in the development stages at this time. Anyone interested in working with UATV immediately, should send an email to [email protected]/

UATV Broadcast Services

Image result for broadcast servicesIn support of our flagship, the UATV television network and iptv box, we have designed and architected a state of the art digital content processing center, master control and satellite uplink facility that can support multiple full-time and part-time networks. However, this corporation offers much more than entertainment; it’s an opportunity. There are many ways for your company to benefit from our services. The following is a partial list of services provided.

  • Private Corporate Networks
  • Private Retail Networks
  • Training Video / Commercial Production
  • Corporate Events / Annual Meeting Broadcasts
  • Video and Audio Streaming / Video On Demand
  • Animated Graphics Creation / Voiceovers
  • Satellite Uplink Operations & Master Control Center
  • IP Television, Streaming, online tv streaming
  • Live Events
  • Career Events (ie. Employment/Diversity/Expos)
  • Street Team Promotions (Product Sampling)
  • Celebrity Appearances

Expenditures by Fortune 500 companies for any of these services are qualified toward your companies diversity expenditure goals.
Download the UATV Corporate Capability data sheet.