This is not a news program, but with over 30 years of television news experience; Ed Buggs has developed the reputation of a newsman who’s not afraid to tackle the tough stories. He has also gained a tremendous amount of notoriety from The Ed Buggs radio show, which enjoys a large following in Baton Rouge. Buggs now finds himself gearing up for the next huge step in his career being The Ed Buggs Show? Real Talk, Real People, which will be aired nationally through UATV. From his many years of experience in television, Buggs has gained pertinent knowledge of what people want from a talk show. The Public wants stories relevant to their lives, but they also want their voices to be heard. People don’t want to hear a host boosting his ego every second, they want to hear multiple opinions on relevant issues. And last but not least, people want a decent program that has social redeeming value. With all of this said, the viewer will enjoy this and more from The Ed Buggs Show. Based on current events, it can be described as TOTALLY INTERACTIVE TELEVISION. Viewers watch the show, and are encouraged to express their opinions in interviews and through e-mail. With the confidence and attention of his audience gained through his incredible persuasion and passion for his craft, Ed Buggs has truly originated the recipe for a hit talk show. If you’re looking for an informative show about real issues, then be sure to tune into The Ed Buggs Show on hd tv box and express your opinion with the rest of America!

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