AVS is the story of a teenage boy’s love for India. Sethis, the boy’s parents, had recently opened one of the largest shopping centers in Hamilton, NJ. There were hardly any South Asians in New Jersey then, making it almost impossible to find a local program to promote the center. Where others saw a problem, they saw an opportunity. The Sethis approached CTN (Cable Television Network) to lease a half-hour time slot. Next thing you knew there was a show on air, marking the birth of AVS!

Raju, a mere teenager, did everything to get the show jump started onĀ tv streaming box– editing, shooting live events, as well as the show hosting, along with his regular Geography, History and Literature school homework! Within weeks the show became extremely popular, not just in Mercer County but across New Jersey. Accolades started pouring in, and in no time the family house basement had turned into a full fledged studio.